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Robert VarnamHello, I’m Robert Varnam. I have spent the past 20 years leading change at local, national and international level, and supporting others to do the same. 

I spent 25 years working as a doctor in inner City Manchester. I have had the privilege of shaping national policy in the NHS in England over recent years, and have created a number of large scale innovation, improvement and leadership development programmes.

Most recently, as national Director of Primary Care Improvement at NHS England, I instituted arguably the world’s largest programmes of primary care improvement, supported by £2.4bn of investment and hands-on coaching for frontline teams in quality improvement and change leadership.

I’m passionate about unleashing the potential in teams and leaders, and love helping people use new insights and tools to help them innovate, improve and transform. I believe most leaders and teams have plenty of great ideas about WHAT to do, but it’s the HOW where things come unstuck. Since 2021 I have been working independently to provide hands-on support for strategy and change leadership.

Please get in touch today to discuss how I can help. I work with individuals, teams and systems, particularly in healthcare and the charity (NGO) sector. I live in Manchester, UK, and am happy to connect with you wherever you are.

Training for individuals, teams and networks to plan and lead successful and sustainable change. Drawing on improvement science (QI), large scale change, complexity and compassionate leadership.

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Executive coaching for developing leaders, plans and potential. I work with individuals and groups to help them take stock, see situations and possibilities differently, develop their plans and work through the implementation. 

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Consultancy and facilitation for teams, organisations and networks seeking to innovate, improve or transform. I will support you in understanding your situation, creating vision and shared purpose for the future, developing strategic plans and leading change. 

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Book Robert Varnam to speak at your event or workshop. I’m an experienced international speaker who helps make sense of challenge and opportunity, and inspires people for action. There are a range of topics I’m particularly passionate about, and I’d be happy to talk about how I could serve you, your team and your network. 

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Bespoke primary care support

Vision and strategy development

Facilitation to develop your vision and strategy for the future.


Leadership refresh

Individual or group executive coaching to reignite your passion.


Collaborate and improve

Comprehensive leadership development programme for excellent network leaders.


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