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Handling resistance to change

Moving forward with compassion and success

Addressing common responses when we try to lead change. Introducing three powerful frameworks for understanding resistance, and working up your own plans to ‘roll with resistance’.

Resistance to change is a near-universal experience for leaders and often slows or even blocks progress. Understanding what’s behind resistance will enable you to work with colleagues respectfully, compassionately and more effectively.

This topic looks at:

  • the three most common types of resistance to change
  • your own experience of how these are seen in practice
  • the importance of a compassionate leadership approach
  • a framework for working with resistance rather than just pushing against it

You will get:

  • fresh confidence to engage positively with people when you experience resistance
  • deeper insights into successful ways to work through resistance
  • an action plan to address specific issues in your own work
Man worried 2. Head in hands

Format options:

  • presentation / keynote, with/without Q&A
  • interview
  • interview with questions from the audience
  • small group discussion
Suggested timings: 30-60 minutes (longer if included as part of your own planning discussion)

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