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From Whitehall with love

My lessons from 15 years in national NHS leadership & policymaking

There is almost nothing about the last 15 years I planned or expected. Yet it’s been a staggeringly productive time, and I’ve had the privilege to contribute to some generational changes in the NHS in England. Unsurprisingly, I’ve also learned a huge amount – and I’d be happy to share my experiences and lessons with you and your people. 

  • working in large bureaucracies and vague complex systems
  • leading when you’re not the Big Boss
  • getting things done through other people
  • moving forward when there’s no map and the compass is no help
  • achieving big ambitions usually involves both a large scale and a small scale focus
  • what your team are really thinking about you
  • surviving being celebrated and hated
  • Politics in healthcare, how decisions are made and who really runs the country
  • how to spot when you should have left a while ago


I have addressed audiences from 6 to 6,000 and am happy to tailor a session to your needs. I’m experienced in presenting with energy in person and over video link.

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Format options:

  • presentation / keynote, with/without Q&A
  • interview
  • interview with questions from the audience
  • small group discussion
Suggested timings: 30-60 minutes (longer if included as part of your own planning discussion)

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