Coaching for primary care leaders

Being a leader in primary care is a privilege and a challenge. 

You probably got into leadership for a variety of reasons (combined with a large dose of random chance!). And it’s great having the chance to shape our services and support our teams. But for many of us it’s also a real challenge.

Coaching is a bespoke way to help you deepen your understanding of what’s happening, create great plans with expert support, develop new skills and confidence, and be supported through the journey of making change happen. 

Why work with me?

As a coach and strategy adviser, I combine a non-directive leadership coaching approach with decades of experience as a pioneer of change in primary care. I’ve led at practice, locality, city and national level, and understand the realities of what you’re working with.

Together, we will explore your unique situation and gifts, and develop plans for how you can achieve your goals, drawing on the evidence about how to lead successfully in today’s NHS. 

Coaching is usually focussed on addressing a specific question, decision or journey, and we’ll begin by clarifying what you want to get out of our time together. Coaching is the most ‘bespoke’ kind of development or support which an individual or team can have. It should always be tailored just for you.

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