Consultancy and facilitation for strategic change, collaborative working and service improvement

I’m passionate about helping leaders, teams and networks develop their perspective, purpose, partnerships, people and processes. In fact, without attending to all dimensions, you’re unlikely to achieve the progress you’re looking for. 

I have been planning and leading change for 20 years in a variety of very different contexts (local NHS teams, charity boards, academic departments, city-wide partnerships, national policymaking bodies). I’m delighted to bring my own experience, but even more to help you grow in your own effectiveness by drawing on evidence and building capabilities.

My main areas of work

Strategy for change

Helping you gain actionable insights into your current situation, create a clear vision for the future, appraise and test options for new solutions, and develop your strategy for leading change. I will support the processes of decision making, and can facilitate engagement with your staff and stakeholders, undertake analytical work and produce written outputs that make sense of complex situations and plans. 

Primary care development

Working with your team, network or system to create a clear and achievable plan for innovation, improvement and transformation in primary care. I will help you take stock of the current situation, needs and trends; support the design of new solutions and the creation of an implementation strategy that works. I’ll help you draw on proven and emerging innovations, and create actionable plans to manage workload and transform care. 

Developing leaders

Identifying unmet needs and potential in your team, organisation or network, and creating plans to build capacity and capability in the kind of leadership your future needs. You need well-rounded leaders at all levels, with the right insights, skills, behaviours and confidence. I will help you establish the plans, programmes and processes to ensure you are continually growing leadership effectiveness and sustainability. 

Improvement projects

Working with you and your team to understand your situation, identify opportunities for change and put good ideas into practice. Improvement science has changed my life and work, and I love helping others improve what they do. Whether it’s one project or a whole team rescue, I’ll be happy to talk about the ways I can help. Recent work includes mentoring a new manager through their first improvement project, and a 6 month improvement programme for a GP practice in special measures. 

How I work

Consultants usually sell you a fish. I’d much rather help you to catch your own fish.

I will work with you to identify how I can best help you achieve your aims, bringing tools such as group facilitation, strategic planning and challenge, public engagement, narrative creation and board development. Often we’ll want to work in different ways with senior leaders, staff and external stakeholders. I’ll agree with you the best ways to accomplish this, and the ideal timetable.

Smaller project examples ...

Sometimes you just want a small piece of work facilitating by a consultant, and I’m happy to discuss that as well. Whether it’s a team away day or a short series of facilitated meetings, please let me know your needs and I will get back to you.

Creating a vision and narrative for the future

Collaborative priority-setting with stakeholders

Facilitating group decision making

Conducting a review of organisational culture and identifying areas for improvement 

Setting up a service improvement programme

Leading a service redesign process

Assessing team productivity and morale

Evaluating and strengthening collaborative partnerships

Board development / team development, including to addres concerns

Creating the culture and capabilities for innovation and improvement

Establishing or updating in-house leadership development

Finding out what staff and stakeholders really think

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