The Leading Change Series

Workshops for Norfolk and Waveney Next Generation GP participants to grow their change leadership

Tue 25 Jan 2022

Tue 1 Mar 2022

Thu 31 Mar 2022

Part 3 HOW: QI in the real world

Improvement science offers proven tools and techniques for implementing change. Using them in everyday general practice is not always straightforward, though. Having looked at the personal and social aspects of leading change, we’re now exploring the technical side. 

In this workshop, we will look at three well-known QI tools (process mapping, PDSA cycles and run charts). We will explore how they work and how they differ from the way change is often approached. Drawing on our experience and evidence from around the country, we will consider how to make better use of QI by LEADING it, rather than just DOING it. You will develop plans for using these techniques in your own work in a way that engages rather than mystifies your team.


Handouts, links to further reading / viewing and a self-reflection and planning form will be available here after the workshop. 

Reflect, feedback and plan

Please take a few minutes to capture your reflections on this workshop, give your feedback and note actions for yourself.

In return, you’ll get your attendance certificate and an email of your answers, for your learning record. 

Workshop slides

PDSA planning templates

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Video. Gever Tulley - Tinkering School

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