Next Generation GP launches in Norfolk and Waveney

What a privilege to speak at the start of another leadership development programme for early career GPs.

I’m just back from a 24 hour round trip to Norwich. Having been invited to support the launch of another Next Generation GP programme, I just couldn’t say no. These folk are brilliant, and so worth investing in.

The programme brings newly qualified and trainee GPs together on a regular basis to ‘energise, engage and empower’ them as leaders. Everyone in the group has successfully applied on the basis of their passion to develop their effectiveness in leading improvement in the NHS. Although most are under 30, they always have a hugely impressive track record already, and an energetic determination to learn and grow further. 

I ran a seminar entitled “Lead with why”. This is a topic I love, touching on the challenge of getting people on board with your idea for change, and the things we can learn from leaders of social movements.

As I’m speaking, I always learn new things. It’s partly from the evidence of how telling stories and connecting with deeply held values works better than any amount of badgering or explaining at securing people’s commitment to change. But it’s also from hearing the ways in which the audience of aspiring leaders tap into what they’ve already learned about inspiring and being inspired to take action. 

It’s a wonderful antedote to our everyday news and social feeds, which seem to delight in suggesting the NHS is stuffed and younger doctors are selfish and lazy. 

Some Twitter highlights from the evening...


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