Lead with Why

Please take a few minutes to reflect on what you’re taking away from this session. This really helps us.


Our comments on Made in Dagenham

What did we observe in the video?  (Robert’s hastily typed notes)

Background about social movements

Introduction to the evidence of how social movement leaders engage and mobilise people for action, and the story of how it was applied in the NHS Academy for Large Scale Change.

Leading with purpose

A video about how NHS leaders can incorporate Shared Purpose in their leadership for large scale change. 

Start with why

Simon Sinek discussing the use of values and purpose in the commercial world. 

Motivation at work

Introduction to Dan Pink’s research uncovering the top three motivations for people to improve their performance at work. 

Burning ambition / burning platform

Peter Fuda

The School for Change Agents

A free online programme and community for people wanting to develop their effectiveness in mobilising change. Run by the NHS Horizons group in NHS England and NHS Improvement.

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