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A recent survey shows that 29% of local residents report feeling lonely much or most of the time, rising to 41% for those aged 18-30 and not in full time education, and 62% for the over 70s. Previous research indicates that loneliness kills more people over the age of 60 than smoking, and that having just 1 ‘close, confiding’ relationship reduces the impact of loneliness at all ages by a minimum of 40%. It cannot be right that so many people are being adversely affected by an affliction which is so easily remedied. 


We wish to free people to live a full life, as they were made to. We are well placed to contribute towards a reduction in loneliness locally. Please will you join our working group to evaluate options for making a difference, ensuring the way we operate contributes towards a 15% year-on-year reduction in reported rates of loneliness in this area? The first meeting is on 23 February for 2 hours, and further meetings will be arranged in due course. The anticipated commitment is a total of 6 hours per month.



Please help us take action against loneliness in the local area. Join our working group, starting on 23 Feb. Nearly a third of all local residents say they’re lonely, causing unnecessary misery and even increasing their chances of death. We’re in a good position to make a big impact. Your contribution will help us make progress fast. 



Can you imagine living each day feeling you’re entirely alone in the world? Loneliness can kill – and did you know that a large number of local people currently feel lonely? Being lonely makes every day harder and every challenge more difficult. Lonely people are more likely to fall into debt, to struggle with mental health and substance abuse problems and to suffer with physical health problems. The burden of loneliness on people living here is heart-breaking.

Please could you join us in reaching out to local people who may be experiencing crushing loneliness? We’re in an ideal position to bring hope through friendship. Just an hour or two a week can make all the difference. Our new working group is planning ways to love and protect local people better. We’d love you to join us. The first meeting will be on 23 February, and will be a great start in our mission to share love and end loneliness.


A great community values all types of people and brings everyone together to fulfil their potential. But isolated people can’t experience the joy and fulness of community. Did you know that nearly a third of our local residents are lonely, with many not connecting with other people from one week to the next? That can’t be right. 

Together, we want to take action that will reduce loneliness by 15% each year, starting now. We’re bringing together a diverse group of people to plan and lead a programme of work that will reach out to the lonely, and connect them with our own community. It’ll take time as well as a range of great ideas. We’d love your contribution to the group as well. 

Right now, loneliness is a wall keeping people out of community and their ‘best life’. Collectively, we can make a difference, setting people free and making this the best place to live. 


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