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All change!  Whether you call it change leadership, change management or quality improvement, and whether you’re a team leader, senior director or systems leader – change is now part of everyday work. Yet making change happen isn’t easy, and success is far from guaranteed. The evidence shows again and again that just having good ideas for what should happen isn’t enough. How change is led is crucial. 

Don’t despair – there are ways you can lead change with more success and less stress. I’ve spent the past 20 years leading change and helping others increase their own effectiveness. Working at local, national and international level, I’ve seen the benefits of a wide range of approaches, tools and techniques, and now I’ll be delighted to introduce them to you and your team.  

All change

Support for yourself, your team and your system

I’m not interested in telling you what to do. But through training, coaching and consultancy, I will help you develop your own effectiveness and resilience. I work with teams and leaders in healthcare, the legal profession, charity sector and churches. There are lots of tried-and-trusted solutions I draw on, but I’ll enjoy working with you to provide a bespoke package of support.

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Training in the tools of improvement and effective teamworking

On-site and remote sessions or courses to build your effectiveness in making change happen. We can cover a very wide range of needs and approaches, particularly drawing on proven tools from improvement science tools and effective ways to increase people’s engagement and commitment to change. Training can be delivered in a one-off session or a programme, in-person or online. 

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Leadership coaching for individuals and teams

Executive coaching to help you or your team address specific decisions, challenges or transitions. Over a course of confidential meetings, I will bring supportive challenge to help you clarify your situation and goals, and take practical steps forwards. We can work in person or by video call. Sometimes all you want is a one-off conversation with a trusted third party – that’s fine, too.

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Advice, facilitation and support for your team, organisation or system

Support to plan and implement successful and sustainable change. Whether you’re needing to innovate, improve or completely transform what you do, I can help strengthen your effectiveness. From facilitating collaborative planning to working with the senior team on implementation, you will have support and advice from an experienced strategic leader. 

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