Refresh, renew, refocus

Expert facilitation for you and your team or network to update your shared purpose for the future and renew your energy

Why are we here? Where are we heading? What shall we focus on? 

Just because these are common questions doesn’t mean they’re always easy to answer. In the busyness of everyday work we often lose sight of the things that matter most. The irony is that that makes work harder on us individually and as a team.

I have spent much of my career helping leaders and teams rediscover the values that matter to them, and develop a strong shared purpose for the future. Again and again I’ve seen that doing that is not only essential for making good plans, but it’s also deeply refreshing.

Would you like help with this? Whether virtually or in-person, in an afternoon or a series of meetings, I would be happy to help you clarify your shared purpose, describe your vision clearly and develop your priorities and plans for achieving it.

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How could this work for us?

Me and Nikki Kanani working with Next Generation GPs on their purpose

I will work with you to plan a process that works for you. I aim to ensure that we:

  • strengthen the sense of common identity in the group
  • clarify the core values and ambitions that matter for the group’s work 
  • capture a clear description of a compelling vision for the future and your commitment of shared purpose to achieve it
  • confirm key priorities for change to deliver your mission


This is NOT about me telling you what you should do, it’s about you collectively strengthening your own shared purpose together, and refreshing your energy for moving forward.

Typical options

There are a number of different ways we can do this, and you can go into a lot of detail, including producing a strategic plan for achieving your vision – or just focus on the more preliminary tasks if time is tight. Examples of typical options include:

Vision & values

Half day
Option 1
  • Energising group discussion
  • Creative approaches to capturing what matters most to you
  • Comprehensive report provided, including electronic versions of your finished statement of shared purpose

Vision, values & priorities for change

2 half days
Option 2
  • Everything in Option 1
  • Plus facilitation to identify and prioritise opportunities for action
  • Final report includes priorities for your programme of change

Strategy for the future

5 half days
Option 3
  • Everything in option 2
  • Plus a written strategy for the next 2-3 years
  • Including recommendations for stakeholder engagement and partnership with patients
The works

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