BLOG: What am I doing this week? 4 Oct 2021

I’ve been looking at coaching techniques, and trying out new techniques for helping people gain insights into how they tend to approach common challenges at work. It’s great to be learning from The Results Driven Group on this.

I’m planning a couple of workshops next week, both for people entering the world of leadership. The first is a session in partnership with the brilliant Louisa Hardman for Primary Care Network leaders in London. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the purpose and potential of PCNs.

Later in the week I’m hosting an evening coaching session for a group of emerging GP leaders in Norfolk. We’re building on their ideas generated at the recent “Lead with why” workshop in Norwich with Next Generation GP, and planning their next steps for using values-based narratives to engage people in change. 

I’m loving spending more time in one-to-one coaching with people, and I have several sessions with clients this week. It’s just fascinating seeing how fast people can develop new insights and confidence through coaching. 

On Thursday I’m working with Anthony Delaney in connecting church leaders looking to have a deeper impact on the challenges of today’s world. It’s wonderful seeing initiatives like the community grocery movement spreading so fast across the UK, and to be part of inspiring and supporting ‘leaders who make leaders’ in the New Thing network. 

Several people recently have spoken with me about the challenges of facing resistance to change when they’re leading. For such a common experience, it’s sometimes quite hard to hear how deeply leaders can be affected by it. Everyone’s different, but in the past fortnight alone I’ve chatted with people who have been anxious, hurt and even burnt-out by resistance.


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