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Training for leading change – innovation, improvement, transformation and teamworking

On-site and remote sessions or courses to build your effectiveness in making change happen. We can cover a very wide range of needs and approaches, particularly drawing on proven tools from improvement science tools and effective ways to increase people’s engagement and commitment to change. I’m all about working smarter not harder, and I’ve helped thousands of people around the world make that a reality not just a catch phrase.

These courses and programmes will improve the effectiveness and sustainability of your own team leadership, change leadership and systems leadership. 

Training can be delivered in a one-off session or a programme, in-person or online. Feel free to get in touch to discuss ways they can be tailored for your system or team. 

Coming in Winter 2021/22...

A new range of training for you and your team is launching soon. We’ll have in-person and online options, covering essential issues for leading change that sticks.

Being a more strategic leader

Tips, tricks and techniques to create a plan that will actually work. We’ll look at the evidence for why so many big plans fail, and practice ways of doing it in a way that truly engages people. 

Innovation in the real world

A crash course in how you and your team can work more innovatively and share credible learning with others. We’ll look at how to ensure your culture and leadership approaches promote innovation, and practice methods for rapidly testing and proving your ideas. 

Leading large scale change

A practically focused exploration of how to plan and lead change across boundaries. You’ll learn about the evidence behind so many of the failures we’ve all experienced, and plan how to use better approaches in your own planning and implementation. 

Lead with why

Getting people on board with your idea for change is often the hardest step in the journey. Don’t worry – we can help with that! In this practical session, we’ll discover how connecting with your audience through the power of purpose will secure deeper commitment and faster progress. And you’ll practice your own compelling narratives to inspire change in others.

Envigorating your network

Networks, systems and collaborative working are being promoted as key ingredients for a successful future. But so few actually deliver the promise. We’ll look at new evidence about better ways to create a common identity and a culture that unleashes fresh commitment from people and organisations in your own network. 

Chairing meetings

A well-chaired meeting can change the world – but most don’t! This session will help you reflect on what makes an effective meeting, and the actions you’ll need to take to improve your own effectiveness in chairing. This is suitable for both new and experienced chairs, whether chairing is a small or large part of your work, and whether you’re chairing in a corporate or charity setting. 

Handling resistance

Resistance to change is an almost universal challenge for managers and leaders at every level. This session will give you fresh insights into the common causes of resistance, new confidence to apply successful tactics to address resistance and new plans for addressing current issues you’re facing. 

Handling 'problem people'

How do you turn a ‘problem person’ into a constructive member of the team? In this session you’ll get new insights into common issues leaders can have with performance and behaviour in their team, and you’ll develop confidence to approach performance or behaviour issues in a clear, caring and effective way.

Engaging volunteers

A great community of volunteers is an invaluable asset, yet it can be hard to keep people engaged and enthusiastic. In this session we’ll learn from great and not-so-great examples. You’ll develop your own framework for creating the culture and leadership to ensure your volunteers thrive and stay with you for the long-term. 

QI for humans

Quality improvement (QI) or Improvement Science is a promising set of techniques for improving how you work. Yet it often disappoints because staff don’t feel engaged in a QI project. You’ll learn how to use QI tools like driver diagrams, plan-do-study-act (PDSA) and measurement for improvement in a way that won’t leave your team cold. 

Measure what matters

It’s easy to see that measuring what we’re doing is important. Yet over 80% of managers say they have serious issues to do with measurement. In this session we’ll look at how to design metrics that matter, how to use statistical process control (SPC) to improve real-time insights, and how to build a culture where your people will actually welcome the latest data.

Maintaining energy for change

Up to 80% of change projects run out of steam before their completion. Usually that’s not a problem with the change itself but the way it’s led. In this session we’ll use a framework for understanding different drives of momentum to help you plan actions that will successfully pick up the progress of your work. 

Leading in uncertainty

Volatility, uncertainty and complexity seem to beset almost every endeavour these days. Many leaders feel burned or burnt-out by continually having to motivate their teams through uncertain times. This session will show you how to lead in uncertainty with less stress and more success. 

Improving your processes


Have you ever wondered why things aren’t done quite how they should be in your teams? Too often, leaders have a good idea of ‘what good looks like’ but the everyday reality falls short. In this practical session we’ll bring proven tools from Lean and reliability science to the challenges of making your processes more effective, efficient and reliable. Without having to shout at your team!

Stop managing conflict

Conflict management is high o nthe agenda for a lot of leaders and managers. But wouldn’t it better to understand and avoid conflict in the first place? This session will reveal your own ‘conflict style’ and give you new tools to lead more successfully. We will look in detail at the Thomas-Kilmann conflict instrument and the Strength Deployment Inventory, to give you personalised and evidence based insights that translate into new actions.

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